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What the heck is going on?! Mounts have been discussed and debated about since before the first beta with little to no feedback from your guy’s opinion on the subject, then come Halloween you give us a broomstick; call it what you want, it is by definition a mount. Then a few months later you release flame and frost with this image to represent your patch. Many people anticipated mounts, but the only thing we got was that you stated you would not be releasing mounts for Flame and Frost and another broomstick. Now your relasing yet ANOTHER concept art of a person riding on a dolyack with a spear in his hand as a representation of the next part of the patch?! Arenanet please tell me why are you doing this? You said that there will be no mounts for these patches, yet here they are in concept form, and as I recall from an interview during the early development of this game “we are really basing what you see in the concept art, to what you’ll see in-game”. Are you just teasing the many people who would love to see mounts in game with the false hope that they will actually get to ride mounts? Or have you completely lost control over what gets drawn and posted?

Either way, its not funny and you should either redraw or remove those concept pieces no matter how good they are and either add mounts to the game or abolish the idea forever, cause your just making people mad by doing this.

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As our artists have also said in interviews that one of the purposes of concept art is there as a way to convey mood to a viewer and to serve as inspiration for designers. Concept art is not necessarily a blueprint to follow by rote. There is stuff in the game that looks like the concept art, but just because something in the concept art doesn’t necessarily follow that it will make it into the game.

Please take your tinfoil hats off and be reasonable.