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Has anyone else noticed that the loot in fractals has gotten pretty lousy as of late? I usually run a 20 and a 30 daily everyday, and I don’t just run a 20 or 30, I run like a 26 and a 36, and I used to walk away with a bunch of rares and at least one of those unnamed exotics. But lately I haven’t been getting anything, the other day I ran both my 20 and 30 right after each other and I had 2 rares in my bags. If Anet is trying to say they didn’t nerf the drops in fractals then I think I can believe that, when I actually see the pig fly.

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Hello everyone.

Please, check this thread in which the question was already tackled by Colin Johanson. We close this one in order to avoid duplicates. Thanks for your understanding.