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Regional FlagForum Update Notes - February 7, 2013Source
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Profile Page Updates

  • The “See all messages by User” page design has been updated
  • Added a link to user profile pages to show posts a user has +1’d, ordered such that top-most is most recent vote
  • Added a link to user profiles to show highly rated posts ordered descending by score
  • Both links above are disabled by default and can only be enabled by setting a preference in profile settings

The +1 System

  • Added a icons that indicate popular posts based on +1 score
    • Popularity is divided between popular and very popular and by thread or forum-wide
  • Changes to the +1 Button
    • The size has been increased
    • Grayed out state more visible and prevalent after a reload


  • The reply box has been removed for locked topics
  • Added the forum category to the breadcrumbs
  • ‘Ignore posts by this user’ has been temporarily removed.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML codes are no longer shown in topic titles in the title bar of the browser

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Red means you haven’t pushed the button, gray means you have pushed the button. If you push the button while it’s gray, it removes your vote.