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This is my experience and feedback after buying the Digital Deluxe game ($80) from the official site and being perma-banned 2 days later. The error message / description was completely worthless and gave me absolutely no insight to the cause of the perma-ban. No contact was initiated on ArenaNet’s part, so I didn’t receive any emails or information that would help explain the situation in any way. My support account (same email as game account) was disabled so I was unable to log in and create a ticket with that account. I was also locked out of the official game forums.

Buying the game, installing, and getting in was easy. Not problems there. Played the game for about 2 days, doing standard newb stuff. Exploring the map, running quests. Melting PvE faces. That’s me. I hadn’t even done any PvP yet. Still haven’t actually. I had talked with somewhere between 5-10 people, mostly asking questions and looking for certain areas.

I came home on day 3 after work, to find, after attempting to login, an error message saying my account had been terminated (see the attached image). Totally vague and ambiguous. At this point, based on the game message, you’d think I’d harassed or griefed other players, bought some gold or gems from a 3rd party seller, botted for exp or items, had an offensive char name, or god knows what else. But I did none of these things.

So now what to do? I’m locked out of game account, locked out of my support account, locked out of the official forums, and have no specific information to go on, except a vague termination message. I’m out $80 with hardly anything to go on for a reason. At this point I’m wondering if I got caught up in a money scam of some kind, where you pay for a game that only gives access for 2 days then takes your money and runs.

My only option at this point was to created a secondary support account so that I could submit a ticket, which I did. I submitted a support ticket with the secondary account and this secondary account was also disabled after about an hour. I couldn’t log in to the account anymore to check for status. Now I’m getting kittened off and feeling like this is really a scam or conspiracy of some kind to just take my money and bail.

Next up I find a way to submit a 2nd support ticket without having an account on the support site, but giving the info for my original game account. Now the waiting game.

The next day I decide to also go on some unofficial game forums like MMORPG.COM and GuildWars2Guru.com to plead my case to other players in hopes that someone may contact a GM on my behalf to see what the hell is going on:

GW2G Thread

Towards the end of the day after posting on the unofficial forums, I finally get a response from support. It’s a miracle from the heavens.

So what was the response? Why was my account perma-banned after 2 days of doing standard newb things?

[cont. in Part 2]

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Rytz — I am sorry you had difficulties. And I have shared one of yoru points with the team previously: It would be better to block a purchase than to allow its completion and close the account a day or two later. Even so, I sort of wobble on the fence of “But what about those players who have to wait for a review?” I mean, when I buy something I don’t want to get a message that say, essentially, “We’re thinking about whether to let you buy or not.”

From what I understand, addressing this situation is a very significant goal of the Fraud Team and I do believe they will take steps to address this pretty soon. I will see what I can do to correct the messages that players receive. Couldn’t agree with you more than vague messages are not helpful. We fixed one this week (and have fixed others in the past) and we’ll try to find better ways of giving players accurate and updated info.

Here’s a challenge: A player buys the game, gets hacked, and the hacker uses the account in disallowed ways. Account owner comes back and sees “You’ve done something wrong” when he/she did nothing whatsoever wrong. I want us to be able to tell players, “You account was hacked and the hacker did something wrong and that’s why we need you to contact Support.” We’re moving towards that.

Lastly: Your game account and your support account are not linked, so having any sort of block on your account — from termination to suspension — does not prevent you from contacting the team via your support account. Submit a ticket using the “Ask a Question” tab on this page: http://support.guildwars2.com/. The credentials for your account can be the same — although for security reasons I recommend against that — but the accounts themselves are separate.

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While I personally have never experienced anything where I required a support ticket, I can say that even just getting feedback from ACTUAL reps from ArenaNet here on the forums is actually pretty easy.

While ArenaNet comes across as having pretty ‘strict’ guidelines, they are just involved and active, unlike ummmmm every other online company. Pretty much encouraging the players to shy away from trolls and agony that plagues pretty much any community out there.

I’m glad that you got your account back and although it took a few hoops… I understand why they do it the way they do. What is great is that even with your support ticket.. that you’re e-mailing an actual human being… not getting the canned automated responses the first 3 times to filter out people. For me, as a customer… this speaks VOLUMES!

Although I don’t always agree with the moderator warnings I seem to get on the forums (lol), I really respect ArenaNet as a company, and how engaged with their customers they actually are.

Thank you for your day-brightening comments, Sinsko. We really try to be accessible and communicative. (And that’s why I so want to work to improve the messaging that folks get in situations such as the ones that Ritz mentioned.)

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You ask “Why else would my support account have been inaccessible if not for the ban? I’ve seen other users in this forum report the same thing (when perma-banned).”

My answer is that perhaps you are using incorrect credentials, or maybe your email account or your support account was also hacked.

I mean, if we closed access to Support, then players would not be able to contact us, to file an appeal, to update their tickets, and as you can see in these forums, lots of people do that every day.

We do not prevent players from reaching Support through their Support Account, so I encourage you to try again. If you still have troubles, then I recommend setting up a second account for support using a different email address so that you can get these questions answered for you.

I hope this goes quickly for you and will you please update when you have a resolution?

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Rytz — thanks for following up. I do very much appreciate knowing things are ok. (Otherwise I lose sleep at night. )

Also, I’ll look into that situation where you couldn’t access your support account. It’s moot for you now, now that all is well, but it IS interesting.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Bsinkk