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Third party guild hosting site, Enjin, is offering a supported product called “Overwolf”. It passes the third party test listed in your sticky about unobtrusive software, since it provides no game advantages and doesn’t utilize any GW2 programming to function. It simply allows use of browsers, guild sites and chat functionsscreen shot and video captures without having to leave the game screen via a floating display overlay, for lack of a better term.

Is this a product that would be a bannable offense? Enjin is the host of the bulk of your guild sites. It would be worth the 30 seconds of your time to look at it, since it will probably be widely used soon. Check it out at enjin.com or overwolf.com. Thank you and I await your reply.

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Please understand that every day, we get requests to review, approve, endorse, or publicize this site or that tool or that other utility. Now, in a world of finite resources — a reality with any development company — should we spend staff members’ time on reviewing third-party programs? How much time? How many people? Or should we invest that time instead doing what we do so well: developing new content, improving the game, fixing bugs, balancing, addressing player concerns; in other words, generally focusing our developers on… developing our game?

Given the sheer volume of stuff “out there” and based on the many requests that we receive daily — despite our making it clear we do not offer reviews, approvals, or endorsements — we could spend an entire sub-team reviewing other people’s creations to see if, perhaps, they are harmless and would be allowed by the User Agreement, Content Terms of Use, Rules of Conduct and our Copyright. (See Legal for details.)

The best thing for us to do right now is to set out our policies as clearly and concisely as possible without misdirecting a potentially-increasing number of staff members onto projects that belong to someone else.

All that could change in the future, but for now, that’s how things stand.