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If I hear nothing in the next couple of hours, I can only assume that you really don’t care about your customers enough to bother even attempting communication.

I will not tolerate a company who enforces over the top punishments and then can’t be bothered to answer, let alone try to keep a decent customer service. I have no idea, other than apparently ONE of my characters has an unacceptable name. Even though it got through your naming process, which in turn left me thinking it was fine, and now has ended up in my being suspended for a ridiculous length of time.

I would be surprised if many stay after treatment such as this. I for one don’t intend on staying if this is how you run your company. Dealing out suspensions without proper investigation. People are supposed to just be ok with this abuse of power?

A friend of mine was suspended for “suspicious activity”. It turned out they were just good at playing the market and had too money going through their account. They were still suspended for 72 hours though.

Your rulings are so broad that pretty much anything to the wrong person could be deemed offensive. You cover yourselves from lawsuits, yes, but in the meantime it’s left open to abuse and potentially loyal followers are punished and worst case, lost to you for good.

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You have updated your ticket approximately 30 times since you submitted it yesterday. And now you’re posting the exact same content here. Please stop doing this! It will only take longer for the team to review all your unhelpful comments and pointless complaints in order to resolve the issue. Allow the team to do its job and they will help you as soon as possible.

You chose an offensive name. It was racist and it used “creative spelling” to mask a nasty word. The fact you were able to create the name does not reflect negatively on us, for it’s impossible to block every single possible offensive name when people are intent on using them.

Our policies are clear and the outcomes are explained on our [url=https://www.guildwars2.com/en/legal[Legal Documents page[/url]. Your warning was in the UA and RoC that you accepted. At the point you breach the agreements, you have earned a time-out and that is what you’ve been given. You will be allowed back in the game when your 72-hour suspension expires. Choose a new name, and choose wisely, because flailing out with another offensive name will result in a more extended period of time out, as explained in the Conduct Breaches and Outcomes, linked on that page.