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My account was suspended due to unacceptable name and it has been 24 hours since I submitted a ticket and I have not gotten a response from customer support. I would love to speak with someone about this issue and I am more than happy to change any character names that violated the user agreement or rules of conduct policy. I very much enjoy this game and would love to have this problem resolved ASAP.


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When an account is blocked for an offensive name, the account is given a 72-hour suspension. At the end of the suspension, the account holder will need to rename any censored characters before the characters can be accessed. (Appeals are seldom successful and they are unnecessary because the player can handle the renames when the suspension expires.)

Now, if someone continues to use offensive names, the suspension period becomes longer and usually the player is not given the opportunity to rename the character but instead a support team member renames the character.

So as you can see, it’s best to be careful in all name choices and especially if you have been actioned for an offensive name in the past.