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I felt that this SotG was presented much better than the other two. Props to Grouch & the GW2 Guru guys for making it happen in the first place.

I want to start off by saying I didn’t walk away from this SotG knowing much more than I did when I first entered it besides a lot of “soon” features to be implemented sometime in the future. This is going to be my take on SotG and how I feel about it as a player and as someone who WANTS this game to take off in the eSports realm because for 6 months now I have been an advocate of being positive about it because I felt if they put in a little something here and marketed the pvp a little bit here it would start to take off. I am also a player that receives numerous whispers and mail everyday, so I try my best to help all the new players at this game improve.

I’ll start with positive things I saw from SotG:
- How passionate JP and JS were talking about the game (shows they care)
- The fact that once something was said that they were unaware of the devs let the players know they would “look into it now because we have notes” (at least they are planning to take action on things they were unaware of such as certain builds deemed to be “OP” i.e. eles)
- The fact that the devs had a plan for bringing PvE/WvW players into the mists, but first they want to “hold their hand” a little because they understand that there are a lot of players that have been playing in the mists for quite some time and will have an edge up on these new players. They don’t want them to be demoralized as soon as they step into the mists or be clueless on what is going on.
- They will look at keybind changes per class or per character (I feel the default ones are clunky and difficult to use) I believe players should be able to keep keybinds specific for each class they play or each character.

These positive things don’t have as much detail description in them because there’s not much more to be said.

Negative things I felt from SotG (with detailed explanations):
- ANet is afraid to implement a rating system because they do not understand how it will work.

I see this as having something would be better than nothing. I understand they want it perfect, but as we can see as a good example the 8 team queue system has been moaned about since after the first month the game came out.

This was because when the game first came out there was a substantial amount of people playing in the mists. Queues would pop frequently and free tournies were more competitive due to the fact that many teams were formed and ready to take this game to another level.

Unfortunately, the incentive to play the game at the time was almost non-existent because there were very few features implemented that made you give a care about pvping the mists.

The first week of 1v1 teams on Temple gave positive feedback immediately and negative feedback immediately. If only ANet would implement features, so that they can be given feedback on it then I think it would speed their process up much more easily. I understand the betas were made for testing things, but even if the game is out already…you can still test things with players that care about your game and you will receive your feedback, so you guys (the devs) can work easier around your problems.

Another example of this is paid tournaments. Paid tournies would pop at x time – y time. The very first queue of the night in NA would take a good 30 minutes sometimes more. This should have been seen as a problem in the first place because of the amount of time having to wait for a queue to pop.

I believe the 8-team queue system is an “end-game” feature where if you had the pvp community of let’s say WoW for example then this system would work, but as small as the community is now it is very difficult for this system to work because now we are stuck at a point where “Hey guys, queue for paids, X team is queueing now, and Y team will queue soon!” More or less it isn’t the system that is making players want to play it’s the players themselves wanting to play. But having a system that is difficult for a larger amount of players to access it immediately (such as 1v1 teams) is essentially “pigeon-holing” the players into ONE set way of doing something which is to queue only at x times and y times because at any other time, no other queues will be popping.

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Great post, some great points in here.

We know a lot of this, but a lot of times we can’t speak to specific plans to fix things. We also know full well what’s good in the meta (or OP). We sometimes just can’t reveal what we’re thinking about balance until our lists go final.

A lot of people assume that silence = ignorance, and often times, that’s not the case.

Great read! Enjoyed it.

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To quote caffynated:
“I liked what the devs had to say for the most part. The problem is that they’re only talking to tPvP players who see everything through their gun fight in a hallway meta. They whine about things being OP that are weak anywhere outside of a shoe box. These SOTG talks really need to include people from WvW who have a better handle on how classes interact in a more complex environment than a 12’ radius circle.”

To be fair, I think this SotG thing is for sPvP. If some enterprising WvW players started something similar for WvW we would come talk about WvW. Expect the balance part of these discussions to focus on sPvP because that is who we think the audience of that stream is. Same thing goes for PvE, and at one point Jonathan did mention those formats and that we are working on balance issues in all these areas.