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There are lots of threads on mesmers and thieves. I personally find flaws in mesmers and thieves. Mesmers need help from other players and their own illusions. Thieves must rely on hit and run tactics and stealth. If they fail at these things, they are dead. Overpowered implies you don’t need tactics or others.

I know my Mesmer and my Thief are around level 60 and will need more then 20 levels and gear. Still, these classes are supposed to be overpowered, so why am I dying? A logical person might think that people have adapted to countering these classes especially on T1 like I play. I however have another theory.

Fresh Fruit! I have noticed almost all my enemies have this buff called “Nutrition”. This implies they use fruit. I however, don’t normally use fruit buffs. The player using fruit and other foods has a clear advantage over players who don’t. Why does no one rant on this? Oh sure this sounds like madness, but what if someone takes over a fully upgraded Stonemist with a buff from a banana?

This video will show you how to counter fresh fruit with pistols, AoE damage and pets.


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Fresh fruit is not OP, you simply need to counter it with a silly walk.