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My wife returned home this evening from work to find out her account had been permenantly banned for ‘botting, extended unnatended play, using macros or similar behavior’ and other such activities that she’s definitely not guilty of.

While I’m aware that this is likely an error on behalf of bot-detection algorithms, it’s entirely a disturbing thing to come home to, especially when she and I have been nothing but upstanding members of the GW2 community.. She’s already submitted a support ticket, but I feel it neccesary to speak on her behalf as she’s not able to edit or update her ticket because her account has been permenantly banned.

Her account name is that of Falindae.6075. If further details are required, I’d be happy to submit them in a PM, but I feel like a serious mistake has been made and I speak for the both of us when I say that I would like to see it ammended.

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Don’t post on the forum – it will not help.
Write a ticket and ask for review – that will help.

Doesn’t help if they don’t respond to your ticket….

Some tickets are prioritized above others. A log-in issue — “I’ve been banned and I didn’t do anything” or “I cannot remember my password” — is of higher priority than "My name was blocked and I’m not happy.

I don’t mean to single you out, but it’s plain truth that some situations deserve more immediate action than others.

Having said that a team member usually responds within hours, a day or two at most. And we have a sticky thread at the top of this Account Support Forum for anyone who has waited 3 days or more.

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I am sorry that this is happening, and I want, first, to point you to a post that I made earlier today, because while the form of messaging may not be clear, I believe that this situation does apply to some of you posting in this thread (or your friends or guildies). Here’s the post.

I don’t mean to appear to be making excuses for our errors. We have made them, and we do make them, and I agree with you that we need to reduce the number of false positives. That is something I will spend my tomorrow looking into, you have my word on it.

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The character name was offensive. You were warned against such choices. You were suspended, which you were foretold.

Your display also was offensive. It was changed. No additional suspension was placed on your account, although strictly speaking that could have happened within the expressed policies about name infractions.

You were kindly allowed to rename.
You were generously given a display name close to your chosen one.

Hereby ends the discussion of your issue. If you choose to troll the forums about this, if you choose to take over other players’ posts with your tiny issue, you will serve a time out here, as well. There is only so much kindness and generosity we reasonably can be expected to show.