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Recently I wrote to Anet to thank them, and I feel like I can share it with the rest of you. I hope you appreciate the game as much as I do:

I wanted to take a moment of my time to thank you. Please don’t chalk
this up as another compliment to you guys and that’s that. No. I can
honestly say that you guys saved my life. Without knowing it. I know
it seems crazy, but it’s true. I’m a father of 2, married and going to
school. I was in the military and suffer from PTSD and major depressive
disorder. It’s really hard going through my daily life, even the
simplest of things are hard to do. I enjoyed playing other MMOs for a
little while, but it didn’t really help me. I needed a distraction, but
one that I could play as a casual gamer and didn’t have to dedicate my
life to. This game is the perfect solution. I can group with people,
but I’m not forced to. There is rarely any extra benefit from
grouping. I can craft and it doesn’t take hours and hours and take up
all my bag space. I can jump on for a half hour and feel like I was
able to do something productive. I can participate in huge events
without having to farm reputation or farm gear that seems more like work
than a game. I actually enjoy the PvP environment and the WvW concept
it brilliant. Thank you. It’s still hard going day to day with my
struggles, but this game has provided an adequate distraction. One I’ve
been longing for for a very long time. I can’t promise I’ll be able to
spend a lot of money on gems to support you, but I’ll do what I can when
I can. I can’t promise that I’ll always be around in-game (though it’s
possible), but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for,
at the very least, getting me through right now. Life’s been rough and
GW2 is a beautiful distraction and outlet. God bless your team.

  • And thanks to all the other players out there, especially my guild [SE] for being so supportive, keeping a good sense of humor and making the game just so kitten fun to play.

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We’re thrilled to know the game has helped a bit, thanks very much for sharing this.

And most importantly, thank you VERY much for your service.

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I’m glad we could create a world you could immerse yourself in. I personally used games to escape some rough moments in my childhood, and know that escaping into virtual worlds is a great way to distract the mind during rough moments, and even inspire change.
If I had to pick one reason that I became a game designer, it is for people like you.

Thank you for your service, and I wish you a speedy recovery.