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With the new patch, the guild upgrades are actually causing me some concern. The reason, so many players have quit the game which has devastated many guilds. Basically only the super guilds are really surviving with any degree of populations, all the minor guilds more or less died, and the guilds with less than 20 unique accounts signing on per day are struggling too.

So, here comes a big guild update – the problem is, this is going to directly hurt the game again. All the smaller guilds, or even moderately sized guilds which are lacking players are going to massively suffer because players wanting to complete these new quests. Which will directly finish off many guilds, and all the super guilds will soak up more players – don’t you see this as a problem?

By the vary nature of what information has been posted about the updates don’t inspire me to be honest, in fact I worry again, about the future of the game. This could potentially see another large amount of players quit the game. Example, your going to get members who steadfastly refuse to join massive guilds to complete this new content, they’ll be alienated. And in all sense, why should they be forced to join massive guilds in the first place anyway? Unless, all this ‘guild’ content can be completed solo or in a small team, I see a rough road ahead for many players and smaller guilds.

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The short answer is that new content is not going to drive people away from the game. There is absolutely no evidence to support that it would.

The long answer is that guilds are indeed both social structures and reward mechanisms. We realize rewards can strain social connections and we do our best to prevent it. We want you to be able to play with your friends without feeling pressured by the game to spend your time doing otherwise. We’re still fine-tuning some details, but the general idea is that rewards from new guild content system are rate-limited in such a way that a smaller, more-focused groups can maintain a similar pace to the larger ones. So no, you won’t have to abandon your friends and join mega-guilds to benefit from the system, but that’s not to say the mega-guilds won’t have plenty of stuff to do.

I don’t want to go into too many more details until our team formally releases all of the information in our upcoming blog post. But I hope that helps for now.