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Regional FlagFarming Kessex for XP? your doing it wrongSource
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I believe so. I recently started levelling my 7th character/class and chosing a human for the awesome dance moves I quickly stumbled upon the large zerg in the notorious kessex chain. Im unsure how long this run takes, but Im pretty sure from start to start is at least 20 minutes. In that time you can complete 5 events, pontentially. Then compare that to the Frozen Maw chain.

The XP rewards for each event are the same for both kessex and maw. At around 30-35 you get 1k xp per event. So best case scenario you get 5k for the kessex chain. Now Maw (30 minute loop – takes between 6minutes and 15minutes)…

Defend Tors supplys
Escort brogan
Destroy dragon totem
Kill Shaman
Kill Shaman Guards
Destroy Portals
Defeat champion Shaman

So that alone is 7k experience already, compared to 6k with the same level character at kessex chain for a loop that takes 6-15minutes, depending on how many are there etc. Then you have 15m-24m to do other events nearbye and there are alot. The Wurm hole has 3 events and takes about 5-8 minutes and gives the same XP at same level. There is the gather armor and kill the grawl shaman (2part chain) that is directly next to heart of corruption were the maw event chain ends. There is the champion wolf master. Escort the pack doylak. Protect the statue… So many events that are on a constant loop that can and do fill in the Maw chain when its not up.

Once you become proficient at it, I believe you will be earning at least twice as much XP as what you would from the Kessex chain. At least, that is my experience. And to top it off, the chest at the end of Maw scales to your level and is pretty much identical to a dragon chest which drops rares etc. Farming this I have found my gear is always not far behind my level just equipping the gear from the chest.

Anyways, just a thought. I know alot of people, like me, just want to level our chars first and then go out exploring, dungeoning, wvw etc, without finding ourselves underlvelled and undergeared. If your a regular farmer of Kessex, I suggest you try The Frozen Maw.

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In my opinion, you’re still wrong.

Trying hunting for bonus XP on monsters. If you kill a monster that hasn’t been killed in two hours, it’s worth an additional 200% I believe. Which means that those yellow moas next to that so-called profitable event chain are worth about 500xp a piece (plus your food XP bonus, which you should always have running). As I recall, there’s like twenty of them just walking around on the ice there.

Of course, now I’ve ruined that one as well. But there’s a lot of yellow creatures out there that never get killed. Go kill them all.

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Of course, now I’ve ruined that one as well. But there’s a lot of yellow creatures out there that never get killed. Go kill them all.

haha, i definitely will do so next time i wanna level up. btw, does this bonus experience go up further than 200% when even more time passes? and have you considered extending this bonus to loot/MF or even events (that haven’t been played in a while) and their respective rewards (exp+karma+coin)? i believe this could aid you in trying to repopulate many abandoned open-world areas.

No, two hours is the cap.

Also I have proposed adding this kind of boost to events, but I don’t think it’s a high priority at this time.