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i would like to speak on behalf of Gaile and the support team(in particular Vilma, Perez and Raquel) for their effort in getting my account restored after i had been banned.

i was in the process of gathering t4 mats when i was logged out and upon logging in, i received a message that my account had been terminated for botting. while i do not partake in any such activities, i know that false positives do happen to innocent players, however unfortunate that may be.

long story short, i sent in a support ticket and after a few back and forth emails with the lovely support team, i had my account reinstated in LESS than 12 hours from the initial ban.

for those curious, it was because my account had been compromised and had been used for botting when i was not at the computer(which is easy, because i have a very set schedule with school, kids, work, etc). evidence enough, when i checked my /age, i had accrued more hours than i remember playing.

i couldn’t post on the forums due to the ban and i only have 1 friend and guildie in our guild of 2 and he has posted 1 or 2 times ever on the forums so i didn’t have much of a support base or a way to voice my situation(though i don’t think i would have posted anyway). i would like to think the turnaround happened so quickly because of the joint efforts of the entire support team working around the clock(9pm pst ban, email communications between 10pm-5am, ban lifted at 8am the following morning).

if it helps any further players affected by the false positives, provide any and all the information that the support team requests via text or screenshot. try to be as polite and cordial as possible…after all, these are people that are helping you get what you want; common courtesy goes a long way and i feel that the anonymity the internet grants players also diminishes any politeness we might have in a face to face interaction. i feel as if these things contributed to expediting my account restoration.

to the support team- a SPLENDID thank you!


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Thank you both for your kind words. I’m really happy that the team was able to help you so quickly, and really — it means a lot that you took the time to write here, so I can share it with the team.