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Hello. I’ve just decided i was going to test out some good GW2 gameplay, from a 3-4 months break. But once i log in it says i get an error.
Apparently i’ve been trying to sell gold or items for real money. While i was taking this break i got spammed on my mail that people were trying to log into my account (espiecally people from china). Well i havent done anything wrong at all.
I didn’t know where i should post this asap, so i just choosed the first threads i found.
Would be great if you could contact me or help me out.

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I am worried that your account has been compromised (hacked). Please contact Support and the team will help you. You can read through the Knowledge Base on that link, and you can submit a ticket via the “Ask a Question” tab on that page.

For details on what information you should provide in your ticket, to expedite its response, please read The “How to Submit a Ticket” post.