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I think leaving tournaments just because the match might result in a loss, should have consequences for the leaving players.
I think something like being barred from joining sPvP for at least 30 Minutes (maybe cumulative for each leaving?) on their next queue opening and/or losing like up to 50% of their rank progress each time they leave and the team they left loses would be quite appropriate.
Idling in the base should be treated with a reminder after 15 seconds, and if the player is idling for more than a minute it should be treated the same as leaving, if the team loses (due to this).

I know, it may be inconvenient if there was a connection issue, but more often than not the player leaving was just a whiner who can’t stand honorable losses. I myself like to play with a team that at least tries to fight, even if the situation is dire. And it’s simple as that: If you can’t lose, don’t play.

So long, Curu…

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Leaving counts as a loss for your rating.