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I had a little more than 2 gold waiting for pickup from the trading post for a few days. I went to pick it up, along with an item I had recently purchased, and the gold remained on the trading post.

I repeatedly tried to pick it up, and even purchased another item for 50c, and was able to pick that up. I eventually gave up and started playing again.

This evening, my trading post no longer has gold for pickup. The gold also does not appear to have gone to my character — I have more money after playing today, but not over 2g more than I did this morning.

Is this a known issue? If not, could you look at my recent trading post activity to see if anything odd happened to the money? I understand if you can’t refund the money, but this is a pretty irritating bug.

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Hello everyone.

Frank, we advise you to contact Customer Support in order to let them know about this incidence. Thank you very much.