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I kind of know what the answer will be…….but depending on the answer will make me look for a new game (or not).

I have had the same password for all my gaming accounts and never changed them (or been hacked) I use an authenticator where possible for that extra level. I now have a huge screen saying I cant logon and have to change it. Is there anyway to not change it as rather than change I would rather not play.

I think the fact that I would rather leave than change my password is telling me its time to move on and just want this confirming :-S

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Arcanen,

I am afraid that you need to change your password anyway in order to keep on playing in Tyria. This was made with a good reasoning behind, as you can check in the following article. Hopefully you do not find this step too disturbing.

We proceed to close the thread.
Thanks for your understanding!