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Regional FlagDear Blackgate Oceanic/Europeans, from SoRSource
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We spoke in the past when we were joined at the hip in T2. At that point in time, SoR was winning during NA primetime and our complete lack of coverage left us vulnerable to the swarming BG masses during the night.

I asked if you would be willing to transfer to SoR in an attempt at being the best server out there. I am wondering, now that both our servers have proven to be capable of T1, if you might reconsider. I still feel with our NA coverage/skill and your NA nighttime coverage/skill that SoR would become the games gold standard for awesomeness.

As it stands now, (and as you can see from the scoreboards), SoR wins during NA primetime in T1, but the JQ and SoS zergs during other coverage times take the lead during the weekdays.

So, come on over and let’s do this thing. Please get a hold of Indo Xx, Miasmic Spiritsong, Purp Nurp, Irmo, Muke Muscleshell or Bremstone for details.

Edit: Honestly, this invitation is open to all Oceanics/Europeans. Our server is very skilled at PvE as well (for those that don’t want to worry about guesting). We have some avid SPvPers (Myself being one of them) for those that like to WvW and SPvP. So ya, come on over.

- Muke

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Hello everyone.

We would like to thank you for your collaborations up to this point. Nevertheless, we had to moderate some posts here as they were directly against our code of conduct that did not help the thread in any meaningful way. As it has anyway derailed into a rather negative atmosphere, we proceed to close it now.

Thank you for your understanding.