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I haven’t been running FOTM almost for a month, for obvious reasons, it’s too long, and the reward is kidding. I am lvl 31 and familiar with all mechanisms of FOTM, but I don’t run FOTM any more unless guidies need help.
So today some gudies needed help, and we got notorious grawl shaman at lvl 10. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it many times at lvl 30 before and I know the trade. still IMO, it’s the worst designed boss in game. This boss is too complicated and there is way too many places you can make mistakes. And the class balance is a joke here.
Make no mistake, we are not taking him lightly even it’s only level 10, I am well versed at level 30 and most of the party members have run it many times before, we spent almost 30 min running him naked 1 by 1 so guidies can practice dodging his agony attack. We only made real attempt after guidies can dodge him at least 2 out of 3 times easily. Everything is in place and to sweeten up the deal, we have a Mesmer (reflection) and a thief (smoke screen), no guardian tho.
Still, we wiped many times. Dunno if its bugged or something, the burning damage in this boss is out of proportion. If anyone died near lava, it’s a wipe for the team coz there is no way you can ress. The burning damage offsets the combined healing from ress of all teammates. After tiring one hour’s fight, we got him finally, but there is no joy of success. We are only lucky since we were running with all guidie group, pugs would probably disband after 2-3 attempts.
Really? anet, you really have bump up the difficulty on a dungeon which is already hard and boring and long? Srsly, what’s wrong with the PM that prioritize stuff? And more importantly does the PM actually play the game? It looks to me, every time the PM tries to invent something or fix something in dungeon, s/he ended up making it worse. I don’t know the other fotm runner, I personally won’t pug any more and I don’t want to run high level either. The mechanism is old and boring, the fight is long, it’s like rolling a dice hoping you won’t get grawl shaman, and the reward is a joke. I got all ascend gears I need even for my alts, why do I need to run it? why do I need to get higher level? by using ress orb? lol? what’s the f’king point? And now you want to bring in inexperience pugs and make the whole thing more risky? no kitten way I am going to run it any more.

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Hello everyone.

Noobftw, while we really appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback, we’ll now close this thread as it does not invite to a constructive discussion. We encourage you to check the other open threads that offer discussion and advice about FOTM. We will pass your feedback to the team anyway.

Thanks for your understanding.