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About four days ago my account was perma banned and i didn’t get an email or any kind of notification. I was even banned during active play. I was wondering if someone in the support wing of Anet could find the reason as to why i was banned so, i could avoid doing so in the future.

And, yes. my account was restored today. So, i’m good on that. I just would like a reason for this not so perma ban…

I have never used a third-party program or any kind of botting program to automate downtime or whatever i was accused of. I would just like to get a reason when i’m falsely banned.
Thanks, Aurii

Edit: Forgot to mention that i had to send in two tickets about this, as well. The first ticket was pretty much dismissed and the support guy told me that i was rightfully banned and that they investigated my account.

The second ticket actually wanted to help me and didn’t go along with the false accusation like the first one. I don’t understand why i needed to post two tickets for them to realize that i was wrongfully banned.

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Hello Aurii.

There is not much that we can do from the forums in order to help you. You´ll need to send again a ticket to Customer Support about this.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.