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So I know that Guild Wars 2 has a pretty strict thing about third party programs, and wanted to ask about the one I was going to use before I actually do so that I don’t get wrongly banned. The program I was going to use is called Shiftwindow. It essentially allows me to have a game in windowed mode be run like it is in fullscreen, it does not affect my game play at all. It just makes it easier for me to tab in and out of the game without having to run it in windowed mode at half the FPS.

If someone could please give me a response as to whether or not this program is allowed to be used that would be awesome. Also if this has been posted in the wrong forum I am sorry for my error.

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Hello KaiDarius.

Please, I would ask you to have a look on our official stance on the use of Third-Party Programs. I am quoting Gaile Gray here:

“Our development team is not able to review third-party programs to assess their components or give them any sort of approval”.

Hope this helps.