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So just as of recently within the past week or 2 I’ve noticed something very fishy. I’ll be at something like omnom berries just about to collect it and suddenly a player appears out of no where right on top of it, collects then disappears. It’s not a rendering issue cause I’ll of already of been there for several seconds. They simply show up then disappear so fast that I can’t even catch a glimpse of their name. There’s no way you’d be able to open up your map so quickly, pick a wp then accept. It happens a couple times a day now while exploring anywhere in Orr.

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Hello everyone.

Yes, they have been with us and the team is committed to fight them. We know that they are harder to report but nevertheless we encourage you to keep on reporting them through the in-game reporting tools and also sending screenshots to Customer Support.

Thanks for your reports and patience as it´s greatly appreciated.