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Another necro here to tell u all that u are toooo strong.

U say try mesmer? I finaly did and :OoooOooomg my jaw dropped
I had no skill. —-—-> got high reward

U say ur slow? So what if u get 20 sec later to a keep where u will stand for 5min.
I couldnt run away like thief, but i could always get stealth some time to breathe and
Force a time-out in a fight

immobilize+ INVULNARBLE kitten+ illusion buddies…..u cant stun break this!!!! Oh and u cant be stopped either since ur (look above)
1sec immo like thief sword nr2 should be fair

I wont complain about interrpts, since necros have too many cast times anyways…
And plz dont be too harsh on me, if this contuniues, ill probably join u mesmers.

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Hey there,

there is already another thread created about this topic, here so we┬┤ll close this one ans ask you to contribute in the other one, in order to avoid duplicates. Thanks!