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I thought this was going to be fixed several patches ago? Where a waypoint opens up for about half a second while a keep is contested – and allows unlimited reinforcements every 3 minutes for the defending team.

It makes it nearly impossible to take some places (like Garrison) when a team is good at abusing it. It doesn’t matter if you wipe the whole defending team and hold them out of normal entrances – people just mass-WP in and run around contesting the courtyard and suicide-rezzing the claimer until the next WP window opens and the next batch repeats.

And yes, I’ve abused it myself when defending – and it’s always been cheesy. I remember a dev saying it was an oversight and an easy fix – but where is it?

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Hello everyone.

Since this topic is already being discussed in the thread that Zhonnika linked, we proceed close this one in order to avoid duplicates. Thanks for your understanding!