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So last night one of my guild members was in Lion’s Arch. He was looking through the trade post at Onyx Lodestone prices as he needs them for his legendary. While scanning the TP, he noticed someone offering to sell them in /map. The player named Deadmaumau was in a guild called GODS and was a Commander. So naturally my guy thought he was legit and could be trusted. What my guild member didn’t realize is that he was in overflow and the GODS guild he was talking to wasn’t the GODS from our server (FA) and this Deadmaumau guy was not from Fort Aspenwood at all. Being tired from a long day and thinking the guy was on the level, he agreed to send 55g to this CMDR in exchange for an amount of Onyx Lodestones.

You can guess what happened next if you’ve ever played MMOs before. The player receiving the money logged off and blocked my guild member. Now, I know…he was a kitten and shouldn’t have done the trade. There’s a trade post for a reason. He was too trusting but he knew that if the deal went south and a GODS player from FA was scamming, we could deal with it diplomatically because we have a good relationship with them. Unfortunately, Arena Net was not sympathetic when he reported it and there is nothing officially they can do (see response).

Quote from Anet email:

I know transactions that take place in the game world often involve a certain element of trust. A player will need to place trust in another player to fulfill his or her end of an agreement. Occasionally a player will go back on an agreement or act in a less-than-honest manner. Such acts are matters over which we have no control of and cannot take corrective measures. If a player does not live up to his or her end of an agreement we are unable to force that player to do so.

This post (if it doesn’t get deleted by mods) is simply meant as a warning to people who do trades outside of the trade post. Do so at your own risk.

Edited my mod: Name of the character deleted

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for all your contributions up to this point. However, since the situation was explained by our staff in the OP, there is not much else that we or this thread can do. We would also take the opportunity to remind you not to post publicly names of players as this can be taken as a case of character assassination. In-game violations should be reported directly to our Support Team instead.

Thanks for your understanding.