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Regional FlagHow to follow ignored appeals from unjust banSource
Scarlett Talon.2741
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There is a guildmate who’s son was unjustly banned for a “third party program”.

His playtime is always monitored by his parents. There’s very few programs on the computer due to a recent clean install of the OS. Nothing was found on the computer.

Appeals are being sent and the appeals are just being marked as “duplicate”.

What needs to be done to get this looked at since it is being ignored?

(And if accounts are going to be banned for farming, as everyone in this game does to make money and gather items, this needs to be addressed and announced. As this was the only activity he was performing before he was banned).

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Hello Scarlett.

Has the last ticket with an appeal that you sent gone unanswered or is still closed? If you have not received any news about an open ticket, proceed to write its reference number and a brief description in the following thread so it can be looked into.