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I love finding real world references in games and thought the Portersmoke BBQ was pretty kitten cool. I wonder if Dixie’s or Porter’s Place knows about this reference.

And yes, I’ve met the man several times. Anyone else?

Nice touch Anet

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That’s a great reference, nice catch! The back story on that is way back when Gene (Dixie’s owner) was still alive we used to take new hires from ArenaNet down to Dixie’s to meet the man. There were a lot of great stories that came out of those trips and the insanely crazy hot-sauce known as “the man”, along with Gene taunting everyone who would either eat, or not eat it. One trip even included an ambulance visit for one lucky Anet employee.

Sadly Gene passed away a few years ago and with it the tradition, but I hear Porter down in Tacoma is still carrying on in his dad’s footsteps.