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Im not kidding, i sent a report in about bugged drops mostly from champions and vets which in the nov 15th patch they said would always drop loot.

And the response was to check my system clock and make sure it matched the server clock, even down to the min/sec if possible.

So who knows i havent had a chance to try this yet but perhaps checking your clocks might be a good idea if you are one of the players getting really screwed by the RNG/DR for your loot drops.

However i have to think this is a complete BS answer, no game i have ever seen in the last 15 years at least would use the system clock for anything at all ever over there own server clock……..

But if any of you have had issues and the system clock was off and the issues went away after fixing the clock pleae post here im very interested to see if this does work.

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Hey everyone, I’m here to help clear up some of the confusion on this issue!

First, our apologies for the inaccurate response: your system clock does not affect your loot drops (sorry, conspiracy theorists). We’ve corrected this information for future responses.

If you’re not receiving loot from a champ/vet, it’s most likely because you’re not getting kill credit. We’re currently working on some improvements to this so that it will be easier to get rewards when you kill a creature.

Thank you for bringing this up!

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Hi everyone,

This thread is quickly descending into off-topic discussions so I’m going to close it. We’re continuing our investigation into players’ reports of potential issues with item drops. We will give an update about the results of these investigations as soon as we’ve gathered all the information.