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Oh Detha.. How we loathe you so. Why can’t you just fix the kitten cannons & stop greeting me. Do you ever feel like you would be better off with Detha dead? Well as a matter of fact.. You are!

Okay. Enough with the sad attempt at being funny. In all seriousness this is about the Detha Tremblebones bug in AC exp. When you get to the Ghost Eater room, talking to Detha doesn’t always trigger the next part of the dungeon. She will just greet players when you try to talk to her. The Dungeon will not be able to progress any further, and you will have to start over. A way to fix this is luring the oozes/Scavenger to her to get her killed. You then revive her & talk to her & it should fix the bug.

Just figured I’d share this with others, because I doubt I’m the only one who experienced this. Please fix this bug ArenaNet. Or at least acknowledge it.. This has been there since Beta. :/

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We’ve attempted numerous bug fixes for this issue, but unfortunately, none of them have solved the problem yet. We’re taking another look at now, though, in search of “the one fix to fix them all,” so to speak.

Thank you for your patience!