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Simply put, arenanet has made no acknowledgement that the server rankings are broken. If a full reset isn’t on the table then fine, I can see why higher tier servers would not want to go through the grind of roflstomping less population, but that’s what we go through week after week.

There have been a lot of creative suggestions about how we can solve this problem without affecting ANY of the other servers. Honestly, t8 endures the worst beatings and point deficits of any bracket. DR kain were first stuck beating up on smaller servers then once they broke out they soared through the rankings (after getting more players as they progressed but they could have easily made tier 5-6 with their populations before the explosions).

I have seen a lot of players from my server and FC post about this and I have even talked to a few players from SF that are looking for a better fight.

Here are some suggestions and conversations I have had. I feel they better represent how we as a tier feel (please don’t post here if you’re going to troll from another tier, this does not affect you).

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