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Uhh, hi, so I just bought guild wars 2 today, and begun the download although after almost fully downloading, the game was at 99% it gave me an error message saying “Download failed! Please check your internet connection and try again (2)” Well the thing is I am connected to the internet, and the game already downloaded 99% but failed at the 100%, I’ve already rebooted my pc and it didn’t fix anything, anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE, I just disabled my AVG protection despite it not having a firewall, still won’t download
UPDATE 2.0, just uninstalled AVG all together, still refuses to download

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Hi Colonel Autumn – Unfortunately for this particular issue there isn’t really the “one fix to fix them all” sort of thing we can do, as the resolution tends to vary. That being said I’d highly recommend creating a support ticket so that we can better assist you one on one because we may need to collect a bit of information from you that you may not wish to post on the forums.

You can refer to this stick for info on submitting a support ticket:

Don’t worry about providing any account information – the most important thing we need from you will be the Game Advisor report.