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The game appears broken to me, far too laggy to be playable.

My spec is i5 3570k OC, 8GB ram, 250GB SSD, Radeon HD7800 series GPU.

My internet connection is ADSL2+

The game is unplayable as the actions all just flash and nothing happens for a few seconds, before maybe something happens. I can’t even weapon switch or anything.

This is at it’s worst in WvW with a few players in the same area.

F A I L * * * F A I L * * * F A I L * * * F A I L * * * F A I L * * * F A I L * * * F A I L * * *

In the attached image I went through all the actions 1-5 and they just kept flashing. I then tried to weapon switch, and couldn’t. Nothing responded and I was eventually killed – couldn’t even dodge.

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Hi akanibbles – I would recommend putting in a Technical Support ticket so we can better assist you one on one. Lag issues can be difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot from the forums alone.