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I’ve been running AC since November, and have had no problems with the scavengers – dodge the opening move, flank them, or run. Miss the dodge? Stun break, done.

Ever since the update on Jan. 28th, the scavengers range of the attack is much wider than before. I dodge it, the dodge is registered, them I am knocked down around 300 range away I’d say. Ok…stun break, run a little farther, knocked down again. I assumed maybe it was just a buggy instance or something, but I’ve ran AC around 30 times, and it is still occurring. The part I notice it at mostly is the when you have to recover the parts of the flame scepter for Hodgins. I always dodge, get knocked down even though I’m a ways away, and use stun break, and a second later, knocked down.

Not calling for a nerf but I do believe they have been adjusted, any others notice this, or am I insane?

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We’re aware of the issue and working on it, as well as a few other graveling related issues.