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Regional FlagMy name "Cohh" is BANNED? Why?Source
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So I’ve submitted two tickets now; the first was responded to with a block of questions that had nothing to do with my ban (but I responded to anyway, still waiting) and the second was after I learned that the support account I made for the first ticket had been disabled (I can’t retrieve the password or log in).

Last night at around 1:30 AM, I’m sitting in Lions arch after being in the WvWvW for a good 3+ hours… and then my screen goes black, Banned for 72 hours. NO EXPLANATION except NAME VIOLATION.

I have been using this name for over 15 years. There is absolutely nothing that can be gleaned from this name that is copyrighted, offensive, or otherwise bankable. I’m cordial in public channels, don’t spam anything (Except our well-written Guild Recruitment message that every other player spams once or twice every half hour per zone) and can’t understand what’s happening here. I’ve been leading my guild since release in this game and am very concerned if this is how your customer support treats people.

Please inform me immediately of why I’m unable to use what I’ve paid for. Thank you.

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From what I can see, the account has been reinstated and the name is un-censored. I am sorry for the error and am looking into what took place so we better handle this sort of situation in the future.