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Logging in today I found my characters were moving in slow mo, my fps has dropped dramatically and its also affecting my sound, which comes across crackly. I was in Frostgorge Sound at the time trying to do my daily.
The dragon event was on so i thought it was due to that (and btw despite this issue i participated in killing him but didn’t get the chest) It was strange seeing everyone gathered where the chest appears but i could not see it, not the first time it happened either.
Anyway trying to do Quaggan Village event and Castaway was a nightmare, but especially the Quaggan village due to a massive amount of spears floating in the water. This has been going on for some time now and I have submitted a bug report for it but there’s more spears there than ever. My fps dropped to 5 in that area where I basically could not move. Despite this I managed to complete my daily, don’t ask me how, so i went to Black Citadel and the fps rate there was just as bad.
Thinking I had a bad connection, I rebooted my internet and my game then went to Lost shores, same result, LA, same, back to Black Citadel down to 4fps. Simply horrendous.
Is anyone else having these problem?

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Hello everyone.

Tiger Ahante, glad to know that you have solved all your problems after upgrading your card. Enjoy the new Tyria!