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Hey guys, I’m making a new mesmer, my 3rd asura. I really want her to have a sweet technobabbly job title for her name. I’m forgoing having an actual first name, so her name format will be ‘The Suchandsuch’.

I just can’t seem to find a nicely flowing and impressive name that fits in the name box.
For example, the first name that got me excited was ‘The Prismaplasmaticist’ which is three letters too long.

Anyone have some input into an appropriately mesmer-esque technobabble title? I’m trying to avoid names that very clearly reference the profession, so anything ‘mesmer’ or ‘clone’ are out, but I’m willing to play with the word ‘phantasm’ since it’s an awesome word.

Here’s the top 5 names I’m playing with (you’ll see I’m stuck on ‘prism’ and I hope I don’t get you stuck, too.)

The Chronoclast
The Prismamatician
The Prismatechist
The Prismutationist
The Metaprismatech

Anyone want to join in on the BS job-title fun?

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Hello everyone.

AstralDusk, since you are already enjoying Tyria with your Prismatimagus, we proceed to close the thread.