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Why are we still able to buy soulbound items of the wrong armor type from these guys. I know its on me for being a fool, but accidentally wasting 310 Shards of Zhaitan on an ‘Orrian Reward Breastplate" when I was actually after an “Orrian Breastplate” leaves me feeling very sad knowing how much time that I wasted in arah. I mean why medium armor is even called a breastplate bad enough, but the fact I cant do anything about it is just horrible :’(

I don’t understand why its possible to buy items of armor that are completely useless to the character you are on. Surely it should just grey out those items not allowing you to purchase them to save any accidents…

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Hello Bradderzh.

Yes, we understand that these accidents can happen (regarding this some people are suggesting confirmation pop-ups in the Suggestion subforum). We can only ask you to look more carefully before each purchase. In any case, we will bring this to the attention of the team today.

We close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.