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Hi Anet. I’ve been encountering a recurring hard lock issue during my play session today. It’s the first time I’ve logged in since last night’s massive maintenance update.

It has now happened to me 3 times in an hour in WvW – and just happened to me again running around Southsun Cove.

It is a full hard lock, with the game freezing – I have to use Ctrl+Alt+Del and end my GW2 process everytime this happens.

In WvW, it has crashed on me when out of combat (the first time was just getting into Eternal Battlegrounds, and it crashed as I was running out of the spawn area), other times while I was in combat. As you can imagine, logging back in as dead and having to pay the armour repair bills is not fun at all, especially since these crashes are now happening so frequently. I’m now leery of even booting up the game at all as I mainly play WvW these days, and am not keen on becoming broke from false armour repair bills due to crashes.

Nothing else has changed on my system; I literally logged off GW2 last night when the maintenance hit (I’m from the Oceania region), and logging back into the game this evening was the beginning of the constant crashes. Previously, the only time GW2 would crash on me would be after 8 hour + sessions of WvW, and then only very rarely (we’re talking about once or twice in the last couple of months). Also when it used to crash, it would go to a bug report window – not this consistent hard lock issue.


A) Is anyone else experiencing hard locks since the maintenance update?
B) Is there any info I can provide that might narrow down the cause of this issue?

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Please let us know which servers you’re on, and if there’s anything you’re doing right before you lock up. i.e. getting an achievement, changing maps, etc.


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To clarify, I’m looking for more information on when you experience a game freeze (i.e. game goes unresponsive, have to close the game via the Task Manager) as noted in the OP. Is this still happening?

On another note, if you’re crashing and receiving a crash report window, then that’s another, separate issue. You should submit the crash report with as much information as possible.

Thanks, everyone!