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Hello! I was in the middle of combat on my Mesma and I appeared to have teleported into a wall. this is not the first time it has happened though, Its happened a few times but this time.. I seem to be stuck in combat and I cant have access to using the Waypoints so my character is completely stuck.

there is a few other glitches too, like when you use the skill ‘Blink’ on Mesma you seem to become a statue and look like your sliding on the ground like there’s no friction. I found it amusing at first but this glitch has lasted since BETA and it make you look a little silly :P mainly noticed it in WvW.

Also in WvW the skill that turns you invisible ‘Veil’ on Mesma does it but I’m not sure if it still does it. Might need looking into.

please fix this bug so that i can play my character, it wont even let me go into the mists because I’m stuck in combat :/

My location is Brisban Wildlands, Vandal’s Claim.
I appear to be dying so ill probably be able to teleport out soon maybe. lets hope!

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While we are aware of some of the more global issues mentioned in this thread (and working on fixes for them), if you have any specific locations where you’re seeing things like invisible walls, giant pits you get stuck in, etc., please post in our Environment Art sticky thread.

Thanks for the reports, everyone!