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on the new map, you get roughly the same reward for delivering an orb. 30 pts or 15 pts + a neutralization. what stops a team from downing a player very close to a point then picking the orb up and just immediately scoring? this is like playing soccer with one gate…

also points can change ownership, why not just make people deliver it to their bases?

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Hey, I just wanted to pop in and clarify. The orb does indeed drop if the carrier becomes downed. There is a 15 second window at that point where it can be picked back up by either team. If not, it resets back to the altar. Whether or not the orb should drop to the ground, or reset back to the altar, was something that came up during our internal play tests and discussions and I think there are good arguments for going either direction. Ultimately I think the pacing is better when the orb is constantly being scored, rather than if it’s deadlocked because neither team can make it all the way to a capture point before they get downed. However this is something we’ll keep an eye on once the map goes live, and is something we can easily go back and revisit if it becomes a real problem.