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The game client has become unreliable. The client is crashing all the time now, since the last patch. One specific client crash occurs when going from the overflow in LA to the regular server, three times in a row, when I clicked to enter my regular server, the client would crash. Suggestions or ideas to remedy this condition would be welcome. Thanks.

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Hi Spock – What troubleshooting steps have you tried to resolve this issue? Have you tried a simple repair of the game client? If you’re unsure how to do this, I’ve provided the steps for you below:

1. Navigate to your Guild Wars 2 installation folder.

2. Right-click on “GW2.exe” and select “Create Shortcut.”

3. Rename this shortcut to “Guild Wars 2 Repair.”

4. Right-click on this shortcut and select “Properties.”

5. Edit the “Target” line to include -repair at the end.

Note: Please make sure -repair is outside of the quotes

Correctly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe” -repair
Incorrectly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe -repair”

6. Once completed, click “Ok” to save your changes.

If you get an error trying to save, your target line may not have the correct format. Please try step 5 again.

7. Double click “Guild Wars 2 Repair” to start the repair process.

Once completed, please try starting Guild Wars 2 again.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue for you, we may need your system specs and more diagnostic information in order to troubleshoot this issue.