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Whirling Axe, the number 5 offhand axe skill as a warrior, is supposed to hit 15 times, but I’m noticing that only about 50-75% of those ACTUALLY hit as an Asura. I didn’t have this problem as a Norn Warrior, but it almost makes the skill not worth using, as you would do more damage with autoattacks.

EDIT: The same issue happens with the mainhand sword Adrenal Skill, only half the hits connect.

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As Grimrist mentioned, the damage for this skill is still going through — it’s just not displaying. While we’re aware of this issue, the fact that it still functions puts it at a lower priority to be fixed than some of the other bugs we’re working on.

This doesn’t mean we won’t be fixing it; it just may take us a little more time to get to. Thank you for your patience and understanding, everyone.