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Can you give us a low down on the rating system because i dont see it working atm

Done some paid tourneys im r 25 and my team was between 20-30 in total

Ok first Game we got [Cute] all of them high 40,s 2 even 50 + , got rolled like 500-100

Second game Got another guild team all above r 40

You really need to implement a solo sign up for paids

Also never a fan of rating you cant see


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Question: does Paid matches start up simultaneously? like, does it wait for a certain number of teams formed (obviously an even number) or a specific countdown before matching then pops up. Or does it pop up as soon as there are at least 2 teams formed? XD

I think it is an instant matchup. We have been in ts3 with two teams that que up within 10 seconds of each other and instantly matched against each other.

This is something we are working on improving.