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In light of it being disclosed that GW2 determines if you qualify for loot or not by the amount of damage you do, I have a question regarding the quality of loot. Once you qualify for loot, does GW2 then use the amount of damage to determine what the max loot is you qualify for then do an RNG based on that?

This would explain why I am getting a lot of pours bones, because I didn’t qualify for anything more.

In light of amounts of damage qualifying you for loot, does this mean I should be going for DPS builds to increase my chance of better loot?

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Damage done doesn’t affect drops.

From Colin Johanson

it is still possible to kill a creature and not do enough damage to qualify for loot

Damage does affect drops, but does it also affect quality is what I’m asking.

Again, damage does NOT affect drops. It doesn’t matter if you do 2000 or 50000 damage, as long as 2000 is enough to tag the monster, anything above that is unnecessary, and has no effect on quality of drops or anything else.

Just want to quickly add that officially that is correct, damage simply determines if you qualify, doing more damage DOES NOT give you better loot. The fix we’re implementing should make it much easier for characters who trait/build for support to gain credit for loot drops in particular.