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Hey all

I think it’s really great that arenanet is stepping up to say they think they found an issue, however knowing arenanet’s track record, we have to take things lightly, and analyze their message.

Arenanet likes to dodge questions or issues, as they did again with this problem.

Some history, several months ago this thread was started:


it reached its climax at 26 pages, before it was locked.

Sure, drop QUANTITY was an issue, but the issue we actually care about is DROP QUALITY. Also many people reported being LOCKED OUT OF LOOT, as if affected by some sort of PERMANENT DR. Many people reported such issues. Many people have no issues. Something funky’s going on.

Now let’s read Colin’s message more indepth. Remember wording is important, they like to play with details.


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we verified that all loot tables are indeed working correctly in the game.

Translation: The drops are what they are, and that’s it.

While it’s nice that we’ll tag more mobs, we’ll just end up with more junk. This did not deal with the core of the issue, which is DROP QUALITY, not quantity.

If you read the initial complaints, player submitted hundreds of data about what they received as drop. Why is the issue suddenly concerning tagging champions for loot?

Another good dodge by arenanet. Closing off both threads, posting a happy message that STILL dodges the issue at heart. Seems like it’s been a common pattern around here since the game started.

Here are both threads for your reading enjoyment.



Players started reporting reduced DROP QUALITY around the nov. patch.

Rares and Exotics should be much more likely to drop and every champion should be guaranteed to drop loot.


What Colin actually said was that this implementation of veterans and champs not dropping loot was actually a bug. He said drop quality was what it should be. He said champions will now guarantee drop FOR REAL.

About Arenanet picking specific words to answer questions, check out this thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/archive/wintersday/Captain-s-council-commendation-here-to-stay/first

Will the care package and the Captain’s council commendations stay ingame after the Wintersday patch or will these be removed? (notice he did not mention if Lyns will still sell stuff)

Then the answer:

It will be in the game during Wintersday.

Yep, she was ingame but she was DISABLED. This is why we’ve become a bit defensive about the wording of the answers.

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Hello everybody,
to discuss anything related to Loot drop please feel free to joing the fowlloing thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Loot-Drop-Issue-Confirmed-Feedback-Thread
This one will now be locked.