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Regional FlagSentinel Rifle 1-shots some Branded ChampionsSource
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I was clearing Fields of Ruin with a guildie this evening when I decided to try using the Sentinel Rifle consumable on the Champion Branded Devourer event. The “One Shot” skill immediately took it down. I received no event credit for the kill, though I was able to loot its corpse and gained XP for all the trouble. I have not tried it on other Branded Champions, though I did manage to replicate the issue on another attempt on the Devourer.


While this issue is incredibly hilarious and has some interesting roleplay implications, I doubt it’s working as intended and should be addressed.

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Thank you very much for the report; we’re looking into this now!

As a side-note, if you encounter any similar borderline-exploits, feel free to email us at exploits(at)arena.net as this brings it directly to our attention.

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