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Is Anet satisfied with the current price/inflation of Precursors on the TP, or does it plan to do anything that would manipulate those prices in the next few months?

It’s important information for people to decide which part of their Legendary to spend their money on first: Will Precursor prices continue to inflate, unchecked by Anet? If that’s the case, then the first 500g a player collects should probably be spent on the Precursor. Or will Anet artificially reduce the price of Precursors in the near future? If that’s the case, then the first 500g should be spent on other components.

Also, what is the latest word on the “Precursor Scavenger Hunt?”

If Anet is planning a manipulation from outside the market, I think players would like to be well-informed.

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Any official reply to this would shock the precursor market. All I can say is we’re watching.