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A friend of mine had his account terminated for helping gold sellers/botting. But he was hacked and sent 3 support emails asking for account recover. Without any response for the part of Anet, he logged on his NCSOFT account and used his linked account to change the password. Then he entered on the site and forced the disconnect of the botter and recovered his account by himself.

And he donĀ“t even received ANY feedback from anet.

Today he had his account terminated, even with 3 emails asking for support without any response.

Now the only thing he want is his account back. What do he need to have it back?

p.s. He used the ask a question tool to ask for support.

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If your friend still needs help after three days, feel free to post in the Tickets for Review thread, which is at the top of this Account Support sub-forum. Please provide any and all ticket numbers. Also, please ask your friend to check for replies on the website instead of through email. If his email is compromised he may never see the responses.

Go to this link and open the Support Account related to the tickets. Also, he can check Spam, Junk, and Deleted Mail folders to make sure that the responses are not getting blocked.