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So what is Anet’s plan on promoting this game now that its getting better?

what do you need from us as a community to help?

also the community is getting pretty kittenty i don’t know if the devs know or even care but ppl need to know you cant troll everyone past a certain point. some ppl take this stuff foreal.

in the SOTG they corrected a fellow player and said actually there is alot more ppl? well we mean competitive players when we say we need more ppl or the game is dying.

so we all know Anet is doing a awful job getting more ppl into the community so if they don’t want to help then we as a community shouldn’t be pushing more ppl away but if they do respond with a way they are helping then we need to keep the new ppl around.

troll me all day it makes me better. but if you know ppl are sensitive leave them alone that’s bully stuff and you might end up on bully beat down MTV.

i have been helping ppl sense day one and still am and i get thanx all day every day for it. i fell we are getting better players popping up. lets not scare them away please. and there is many others that help out a lot but most them are slowly being pushed out the game not because its not fun or not enough players but because of the silliness of ppl. (a few ppl popping up isnt what we need we need a huge surge of ppl)

there isnt one person on this game that i dont like. there isnt a person on this game that i havnt helped. and there isnt one person on this game i havnt trolled. IMO thats how everyone should be. this is a game if you dont like someone your silly. this is a game if you can help ppl do it. this is a game trolling is part of it so do it.

so thats how we can help keep ppl in the community

so how is Anet planning on helping bring a huge amount of ppl into the competitive pvp part. and i dont want to hear some coming soon stuff. i want to hear some PR ideas. because after doing research this week and talking to alot of ppl in the community i heard that most ppl that leave a game dont come back?

are you trying to get them back or are you going to reach out into the gaming world and try and get new ppl?

why is tera so huge now? can we do a 2-4 week free to play pvp only (locked into the mist)? i dont want a free to play the whole game just into the mist so they see the pvp. im so happy you took from my long time ago post were we brain stormed and came up with the idea to change the starting builds. even though you didnt mention ty to us for coming up with that idea at least we know your paying attention. if you can stop them from infrating and suspending us from here im sure we can come up with alot more useful stuff.

also can the devs make a weekly post with the new stuff you plan on doing so you dont destroy classes. let us know what ideas you have for the game so we can give our input. we all know its your game you can do what you want but to me it seems like we should at least have a input? ppl say you need to talk to us more well that is a way to talk to us without pr trouble. just say hey we are thinking about so and so what do you guys think. its just so funny hearing ppl that know whats coming are already upset.

TLDR: we need more competitive ppl. we need to not get so serious over a game so ppl stay around and come into the community and ppl dont get bored. we need anet to tell us how to get more competitive ppl. SAtaarcoeny is the best mesmer in the world. and we need to be kept us in the loop.

( i read over this post 4 times and dont see anything wrong with it. i know i keep getting infractions for silly stuff that noone in the world would be upset about and i dont fell like getting suspended from the forums again. ive been told this is the reason most games have outside forums because you can never say whats on your mind here. but serious you guys give out infractions for everything. its silly and should stop. i know there is no freedom of speech here but let us say a little as long as it isnt over the top )

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Nice post Folly. I agree with your points overall, though I’m going to speak primarily to your points about communication, community involvement and transparency.

The trick with our communication, is to find a good balance, on multiple levels.

First, we have to be conscious of the balance between how much time we have to be posting on the forums and writing blog posts, with how much time we have to be working on actual development: bug fixes, profession balance, designing new features, implementing new content, etc.

Next it’s important for us to be conscious of the balance between saying too little, leaving people pessimistic about when things are coming out and guessing about how those things will work, and saying too much, harming our ability to later change, postpone or abandon something that we’ve already publicly committed to.

Finally we need to consider the balance between relying on community feedback too heavily, where it’s super time consuming for us to process and leaves us feeling unable to make a change without first asking for a community vote, and relying on community feedback too little, where we might miss some key information that could impact the success of our future releases.

Hopefully we are getting this balance pretty close most of the time, and if not, it’s always something we are working towards improving.

Anyway, keep up the good, constructive posts!